Speaking Engagements

Sherry has a passion for teaching God’s Word. She wants people to know their identity in Christ and learn how to walk in the freedom of His grace. Knowing our true self, discovering who we are through Jesus, is key to fulfilling God’s destiny for our lives.

She loves women of all ages and has a huge heart for middle school girls and teens. With the growing influence of technology and social media, the need to teach personal identity in Christ is vital to our girls emotional and physical well being. Rather than competing and comparing, Sherry teaches girls to embrace their differences and love themselves, to renew their minds with God’s Word and see themselves as the beautiful masterpieces that He has created them to be. Sherry equips them with the tools they need to overcome their fears, doubts, and insecurities. 


She is available to speak at small groups, churches and conference settings. 


Please contact Sherry’s intern, Leah April, at Sherry@sherrybraswell.org for more information and to discuss an event time and topic.